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    I'm a director who wants to move from a c200 to a Gemini. I'll keep the c200 for b cam. The look I love most is the Alexa mini with Atlas anamorphic lenses, luted but rich pastel colors and natural HBO indie lighting. (If that's even a thing) I'm going RED over Arri though for frame rate and costs. 100% of my content is destined for social media, YouTube and local cable commercials. I'll rarely ever need to deliver 5k final video. Definitely never 8k. My questions are:
    1. Is Gemini the best sensor for anamorphic?
    2. Are atlas the cheapest anamorphic that will work with the Gemini?
    3. Is there a usable kit for under 35k with red armor new?
    4. Can I easily edit R3D 5k on a 2019 max iMac? With heavy grades and effects in FCPX?
    5. Coming from a C200 what should I know and prepare myself for?
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    Please please please make a Full Frame Gemini, with high frame rate capabilities..and I will buy a pair!
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    I can help answer a couple of your questions.

    2. SLR Magic makes 1.33x anamorphic lenses that are much cheaper than Atlas. But, I mean ... just look at them. I like the idea of a 1.33x squeeze using the full Gemini sensor, but they look awful (unless you're into that sort of thing).

    4. I edit on my base-level iMac Pro using FCP, and barely lifts a finger playing back 5K with multiple LUTs and color corrections, at least using the "better performance" setting. I think the 2019 iMac will do just fine. You'll need to generate ProRes ("optimized media") for things like noise reduction and stabilization, but you'll never need proxies again.
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    Why not considering a used Alexa if it’s the look you like? A ready to shoot full Alexa XT Plus kit, with 4 x 512GB cards, card reader, viewfinder, some accessories will cost 20k, calibration and checking at Arri Service Center included. You can shoot up to 120fps (S35) uncompressed, you can shoot 4/3. It’s a perfect camera for anamorphic. And editing and grading is less power hungry than Red.
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