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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Sprague View Post
    The BMP4k is nowhere near 6 stops over at any ISO. In my testing I was able to get just over 4 stops at ISO 1000 and at that level the noise was horrific and unusable in the shadows. At 640, which is the max I would push the ISO without going to the Native 3200 rating, it had about 3.5 stops over. I'd fix the MX, it will be a much better camera.
    You might be doing something wrong or have a bad copy. Are you exposing via false colour, or by the auto-exp, which seems to bring it down at least 2 extra stops (something I'd rate at f2.8 via false colour, it goes to 5.6+) Bare in mind, I'm going by what I'm seeing on the monitor/histogram/false colour and in Resolve afterward, and the p4k is hands down getting more than MX (and functionally holding its own against Dragon in the high-end).

    What I've been noticing is, the difference between high colours and white are functional on P4k, but not on RED. So, for example, say the subject is wearing a white t-shirt and the high-side of his/her skin is really hot (but not blown), I can easily recover the skin just by lowering exposure, but on RED I'd have to use a secondary to get separation between the high-skin, and white shirt (else they get muddle together).

    On cleanliness, mine's good to go from 100 up to 5000... Put another way, MX at 1600 is about as noisy as P4k at 5000. It blows MX out of the water in every department (granted, that's to be expected after 7 years).

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Santiago View Post
    There is also the cost of replacing everything that I would consider.
    I have invested heavily in my RED SCARLET ECO SYSTEM and would have to buy the same (or EPIC) to keep using my investment.
    Or Scarlet-Dragon or Epic-Dragon... Depending on cost of a used brain, that'd be a pretty nice upgrade.

    But P4k does DCI 4k up to 60p at 3:1, ISO400 and 3200 native, has speedbooster support, records to tons of readily available inexpensive media, cheap batteries, instant-on, built-in monitor (with incredible GUI and responsive touch), built-in scratch mics, mini-XLR, stereo 3.5mm, weighs nothing, can playback at full-res on a 5 year old MBP, and comes with Resolve?! That's also a substantial upgrade from 4k 30p 6:1 and it's only $1300... And it probably comes built-in with all the EcoSystem stuff you've invested in.
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