Hi all,

While using RCX 51 to trim videos, I noticed that the applied image adjustments (WB) and metadata inserted text (For example, scene description, camera notes) are reseted once I make the clip export to trim it.
The means I need to:

1 - Trim and export trimmed clips.
2- Delete the complete clips in Mac Finder (because they are no longer needed)
3 - Reopen RCX again (because it only shows the exported trimmed clips after it has beed restarted)
4 - Then applying image adjustments and metadata (also, if one need to correct any text in the middle of a word or phrase in metadata, the cursor keeps jumpily to the end of the phrase! Very annoying!).

It looks like some bugs in RCX.
Anyone knows a way to make all this in one RCX session (to avoid open and close RCX several times)?