Hi guys -

I had a chance to check out the Blackwing7 Binaries at TCS in NYC earlier this week.
They are the T Tuned Blackwings (coated). The test setup was on a Sony Venice but I had the chance to take the 57mm T.18 outside for a quick spin.
Mid day light wasn't the most ideal or pretty but it was interesting to see them on the Monstro regardless.

To my surprise they were actually much cleaner than I expected.
Interestingly it was also difficult to get the strong and characteristic rainbow flare - I am sure at night it would be a lot more dominant (w/ streetlights, car head lights etc). In mid day sun and with ND 2.4 I could only get it to flare when shooting right into the sun.

This is by no means an actual test but I rather just wanted to share some R3Ds, as there isn't much out there yet and they do have some very interesting characteristics.

Personally as I am looking for an even softer lens set w/ more character. I'll probably go for the X-Tuned. Possibly even opting for edge-uncoated elements for some of the longer focal lengths.

Here is a link to a Dropbox Folder with R3Ds and some high res tifs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uw5zg903s...3vipY2Daa?dl=0

I am hoping to shoot a proper, controlled test down the line. Ideally comparing the different tunings as well as edge-coated/uncoated.