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    I accidentally formatted an external hard drive recently. After I realized what I had done, I unplugged it and haven't used it since. I'd love to know what your favourite tool is for these kinds of things. It's a Windows formatted drive on a Mac, and I'm running OS X 10.9.5.

    I tried an app called Recoverit on an old USB stick, but it was hopeless. It recovered a whole bunch of image files, but none of them were viewable.
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    Why are you using Widows formating if using a Mac? That complicates recovery.

    You could try connecting the Windows HD to a Windows computer and use a tool like this:

    Mac based recovery tools are not going to work for you with anything formatted NTFS.
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    ProSoft Data Rescue has saved my sorry, sad ass on a number of occasions:

    Available for both Mac or Windows. I would use whatever OS in which the drive is formatted: if it's a Mac Drive, try to fix it on a Mac.
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    EaseUS is still my favorite.
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    As it is an external drive, I'd recommend FILERECOVERY. It will allow you to run it in evaluation mode first, to see if your data is still recoverable. It is available for both Windows and in your situation, you might want to get a demo of each version. Playing nice here, as I'm new to the forum, so no links yet.
    So, just Google the term FILERECOVERY...all one word.
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