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    Hello all,

    I have a relatively low hours Gemini, which in the middle of a day on set suddenly "failed to apply calibration map", causing the image to have hideous purple lines running throughout the image (as to be expected with a bad cal/ black shade applied). Upon closer inspection, the sensor temperature reading was ZERO (the core temperature reading was nominal). So, obviously, if the camera doesn't know the sensor temp. a proper cal map can't be applied. But my question is - has anyone seen this (likely a hardware failure)? Do you think there is any risk of damage to the camera or sensor - without a proper temperature reading, the camera doesn't know how to properly thermally regulate itself? Thoughts?

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    I don't have a direct answer to your question but just last weekend I had issues with my DSMC2 Gemini (less than 20 hours) pre-maturely shutting down (screen going black and camera immediately turning off) and upon attempting to re-boot a few times I got an error message stating "temperature threshold reached" multiple times (it was off and on) but the camera still kept shutting down even though my T/E readings were in the green. I too felt like my Camera was improperly monitoring temperature and this hiccup cost me a day on-set. Long story short after a talk with abelcine LA, they instructed me to remove all my accessories (mostly WC top plate, WC AB tool-less battery plate, and WC trigger top handle) and run a "re-discover" and "system restore" and since I have had no issues. So far I am tossing it upto a hardware/accessory issue but like you I am very concerned for the long-term fidelity of my camera/sensor and would like to get a more concrete answer. If I have to abandon 3rd party accessories I will do it in a heartbeat just want to know its not a deeper issue with the cam. Are you running any 3rd party accessories (i.e. battery plate, top plate, anything integrated with the brain)?
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    Hello, I have the same problem, the temperature sensor periodically shows 0 and the camera turns off.
    I did not use third-party accessories and the problem arises from the moment of purchase.
    I think that I will give the camera for repair.
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    How and when did you performed the "Black shade Calibration"? Did you wait till the camera reached it's optimal temperature or simply started the camera and immediately applied the Black shade?

    Also, are both fans on the top spinning?
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    Similar situation to you guys. My low hours Gemini now reads 59C or close to it as soon as I boot regardless of firmware, attached modules/mounts or settings I have tried. Fans run at 100%. Red support has been great; will be sending in for repair. I begrudgingly decided against using Geminis for my current show but wanted to. I wasn’t sure how bulletproof Gemini is. Then this happened, very frustrating and disappointing.
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    My less than 50hr Gemini has been having some issues maintaining a warm enough temperature oddly enough, and I just started having "serious errors" on bootup. RED had me send the camera in for evaluation.
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