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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodrigo Violante View Post
    I'm planing a trip to Africa and I want to avoid at all cost taking my computer and I was wondering if there is something in the market to automatic backup my stuff to a hard drive.

    Something like this:

    The issue there it is that it hasn't been released but Im looking for something that has TWO usb-C so I can download from the mini-mag to the hard drive.

    Any suggestions?

    Any options with an iPad Pro?


    Hi Rodrigo, I have also searched for a solution without much success, as I hate carrying a laptop/readers/cables/chargers etc just to copy footage. I'm hoping someday Red or a third party will make a backup module that attaches to the camera and copies footage from the inserted mag to one or two removable 2.5" drives. Then we could backup between takes and preview the footage copied to the backup drives.

    Where are you heading in Africa?
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    One item that was on my wishlist while Hydrogen was being developed was for a function to satisfy this need.

    The Hydrogen has the brain power, display and interface to do the job.

    What is missing is a combo MiniMag reader/SSD module (perhaps a future RED product?) with a USB-C interface.
    That covers the hardware.
    Then a program / app could be developed for the transfer and verification.
    Seem to recall suggesting Hedge as a potential developer on the software side.
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