Hi Everyone,

I can give favorable rates for long term rental. Renters must provide proof of insurance with photo ID. I can accept Visa/Master/Amex cards. We will ship anywhere in the U.S. Please contact us nednel84@gmail.com or 708-607-2294.

RED Weapon Helium 8K PL
- RED Epic-W w/ Standard OLPF
- DSMC2 Base Expander
- 4.7" RED DSMC2 Touch LCD
- DSMC2 Side Handle
- RED 150W AC Power Adapter
- 2x RED Mini-Mag 480GB
- RED Station USB 3.1
- RED Station SSD Reader
- WC Easy Riser for DSMC2
- WC 15mm LW Bracket DSMC2
- WC Cableless Gold Mt DSMC2
- WC A-Box DSMC2
- 3x Core SWX HyperCore Slim Gold Mt Battery
- 1x Core SWX HyperCore GOLD 98Wh

Day $400
Week $1200

- Alexa SXT Body with EVF
- Two 120gb CFast Cards
- Card Reader
- Two V-lock Batteries
- 2-Position Charger
- Bridgeplate, Dovetail, Rods
- Two additional V-Lock Batteries (six total)
- Two Additional CFast (six total)
- Four Position V-Lock Charger (in place of two position charger)
- 17″ Directors Monitor
- On-board AC Monitor
- O’Connor 2575D Mitchell Mount Fluid Head (in place of O’Connor 1030HDS)
- Dovetail Style Shoulder Rig

Day $800
WeeK $2000

Zeiss Master Primes 6 lens
18mm T1.3 PL
25mm T1.3 PL
35mm T1.3 PL
50mm T1.3 PL
75mm T1.3 PL
100mm T1.3 PL

$1050 per day/weekend
$2300 per week

Zeiss Ultra Primes 6 lens
16mm T1.9 PL
24mm T1.9 PL
32mm T1.9 PL
50mm T1.9 PL
85mm T1.9 PL
135mm T1.9 PL

$700 Per day/weekend
$1200 per week