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    Quote Originally Posted by Hrvoje Simic View Post
    When transformed to 709 you are looking at properties of transformation too. :)
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    [QUOTE=Mark Wuerthner;1860343]
    Quote Originally Posted by Aris_Gavriilidis View Post
    Yup, sure thing, here's a test Geoff Boyle performed, pause at the 1st second and see for yourself, (Venice at T2-2.8), the Venice maintains color and separation at the High Saturation Color Reference Chart's second to last row, whereas both Alexa Mini and Monstro are barely holding on. Also note how the Monstro is actually exposed at T4-5.6 and it's still a bit behind. Small difference but it's there. I think that's pretty remarkable performance on Sony's end.

    You might want to look at this test as it shows something quite different:
    Seen this test as well, indeed very different to Boyle's. It's odd how the Alexa is outperforming the Venice here, though on the other hand the Monstro is still marginally behind in highlight retention but absolutely destroys the Venice in the shadows, so this test is similar to Boyle's results in that regard and additionally, in a way, it's another confirmation of the need to rate this beast higher than 800.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aris_Gavriilidis View Post

    Seen this test as well, indeed very different to Boyle's. It's odd .
    Oddness remover tool just above.

    : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aris_Gavriilidis View Post
    Seen this test as well, indeed very different to Boyle's. It's odd...
    One test lit for each camera's native sensitivity and the other lit for the same level across all cameras. ISO 500 on Venice means on Boyle's test, it's being underexposed 2/3 from it's native compared to Alexa, so it's getting some help there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Holland View Post
    The iris over/under test is good at revealing what happens at the point of clipping and what happens deep in the noise floor.

    I just hope that people understand that with any digital system once you've hard clipped/over exposed into the heavens and hard crushed/under exposed into the noise floor there's nothing left to salvage.

    Honestly, worked the same way for film. There is a point where nothing exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goker Goren View Post
    DEB is almost useless on anything but Dragon.

    These old standards don't translate well to the new sensor(s).

    I still prefer legacy but that's only because they haven't came up with anything better in the color science area, esp since there are three new sensors since Dragon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David J. Buchanan View Post
    DEB is almost useless on anything but Dragon.
    DEB has now transformed into a new algorithm if you have opened RCX anytime recently called "Chromatic Noise Reduction". It's actually fairly different than DEB of yesteryear and is a proper CNR method now.
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