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    I have been using the Gemini for a year now and I use mostly Anton bauers Gold mount with a WC wireless plate. Never had issues. You also might want to check out SHAPE batteries, you can fiund them on B&H. I was hesitant, but after buying 6 of them (135W) and a quad charger I am quite satisfied. Prices are better and the batteries are far lighter and smaller than Dionics.
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    Maybe some of you do not know that there is a battery "preference" between east coast and west coast. East are biased towards Anton Bauer Gold Mounts and majority in the West coast tend to use V-Lock type batteries. This was more pronounced during 90's thru 2017 or so. Both mounts are good. It is just a preference. There are more V-mount battery manufacturers than Gold mount type.

    We use predominantly, the V-lock (aka: V-mount) batteries and have NOT experienced ANY problems so far with Switronix, IDX, BlueShape and a other name brands. We have problems with most of the Chinese junk they sell on eBay/Amazon under wired blah-blah names no one in the west can pronounce properly.
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    I just bought two Anton Bauer Titon 150 v mount for 600 €, the price of a single Dionic XT with just 2A less.
    2h30 of battery life for each battery.
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