Thread: Adding effects to R3D's in Premiere causes the file to offset position

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  1. #1 Adding effects to R3D's in Premiere causes the file to offset position 
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    Title kinda already says it, but I've had this happen on 2 different machines with 2 sets of footage. I'll stabilize a clip, and sometimes add another color effect, and Premiere offsets it down and to the right (see attached pic). Not sure why this is happening. Everything looks fine when playing the timeline back. This is only on export/compression.
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    I have not encountered that in my work.

    But I have had funky things like this happen with some effects before.

    Have you tried doing a project render directly from Premiere instead of the Media Encoder?
    I found that some render bugs would only happen when exporting out of Media Encoder.

    Another thing - I would try cleaning out your cache data, sometimes things get funky when that space becomes full depending on your settings.
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