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    Hi ,
    what kind of OLPF do you recommend me with the Monstro ?

    80% of my shooting is in daylight with a lot of sun but with white and brown people (La réunion) and maybe Hight contrast on the background.
    20% of my shooting is in night but I'm going to add light to recreate the moon and a warm light (2500°K) on the characters.

    I thought using Skin Tone Highlight OLPF but the Rental company advices me to shoot with Standard OLPF to keep the black clean .
    What do you advice me?

    What the sensibility of the Monstro in IPP2 mode with Standard OLPF and Skin Tone OLPF ?

    Thank you very much.

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    I have and use all of the OLPF filters for my Monster. I personally prefer the STHL filter due to its ability to roll off the... well hightlights. ( Sun on water reflection, Sunny beach under a umbrella with every back ground part of the shot in sun, under dappled light in the forest with full sun splashes of light, at night with full fire light in frame) My last 2 moths of working has been on white sand beaches and I work with many different toned skin and the plus's for my use out weigh the not having the ability to deal with windows and bright parts of a setup (White sand beach) rather than having the extra low light. This is in most cases for my work but when Im shooting a night setup with street lights or even fire light Im usually giving up a bit of the highlight roll off by putting in the Low Light OPLF.. The Standard is great but most of my work is ether full sun white beach or reflections off of water or in dark night with fire light and tungsten lighting.
    I feel you can get away with a lot more using the STHL from your 80% shooting your talking about. It is a real bonus to gain about a stop with the Low Light OPLF. The standard is in-between these but from what I feel if I had only one choice Id go with the STHL...
    I hope this helps.
    Maybe you can ask the rental company to get a Low Light OPLF and include it in the kit. OR maybe split the cost to give you the extra ability to have that in your kit.?
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    Hi Russ, than you very much with advices and feedback.
    If I use low light olpf, I 'm going to set the Monstro at 800 Iso.
    If I put the standard Olpf, Could you tell me, what' s the sensibility of the sensor ? 500 Iso?
    Thank you.
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