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  1. #1 Will this build work? 
    I primarily use Adobe Premiere with 5K Gemini footage.

    I'm not a computer guy so I don't really know the differences between CPU models and GPU models...I just need to know will this setup provide full res playback in premiere with decent render times. Are there places I can save money on this build? Different CPU card...etc?

    Intel X299 Chipset
    i9-9900X 10-core 3.6ghz
    Liquid cooled
    64gb DDR4 Non-ECC UDIMM (4x16gb sticks)
    1000w power
    500gb Samsung 970 EVO M.2 (boot drive)
    Nvidia RTX 2080 8gb

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    2080ti with 11 GByte is more stable when you render and when doing effects like noise reduction(stabilty with PP is relative, but you know that as a user).

    Threadripper 2950x is the cheaper and faster option with more PCIe lanes.
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    We just built a very similar system.

    i9-9900K 8-Core
    250gb M2 for the OS
    1TB m2 for a scratch/internal drive
    RTX 2080 Ti

    Our second machine is the same with a RTX 2070. The Ti is a noticeable boost. The third machine is running TR 1950X with older dual Titan cards and the i9 w/ the single 2080Ti is notably smoother on 8k footage. We're editing at 1/4 without any issues unless all three editors are hitting our little NAS over 10GbE at the same time.

    Ryzen 9 and the new Threadrippers aren't far away from shipping though. If we weren't in desperate need of a 3rd edit bay yesterday, I would have waited for for Ryzen 9 with PCI 4 to see about a budget build that rivals the same speed as the i9. I think the x570 motherboards are going to be pricey for the near future though so it may even out after not having to buy a 10gbe card. I don't even know if I'd actually be able to utilize anything over PCI 4.0 for the foreseeable future, but at least you'd have it as an option down the road...

    The best part about the i9 was we went with a Designaire motherboard with Thunderbolt, and while not critical we get a lot of client work shipped to us on thunderbolt raids and it's nice to have.
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