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    Hi ,
    I 'm going to shoot with two Red Monstro in the same time on set.
    I have 1 set of Neutral density Firescrest and 1 set of Neutral density Mimoto.
    Mimoto & Firecrest are very good filters but

    Do you think Mimoto & Firecrest are different ?
    Do you think I could have problem with colors matching ?
    Thank you very much.
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    I bet they are closer than you think but not identical. I have not used Mitomo as they are a bit expensive for my tastes and haven't had a chance to get my hands on them on set yet but I have used firecrest extensively and they are pretty neutral (now use Nisi which I think they are even better). If I were you I would have been more worried about matching variation in sensors/lenses than a color cast from two slightly different (high end ND's). Regardless, nothing a colorist shouldn't be able to make quick work of.
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    Hi Andrew ,
    thank you for your advice .
    Finally , I'm going to leave with 2 set of True ND because Firecrest are very neutral but not exactly the same than the True ND.

    I also made a test with the sensor .
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