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    Hi Misha, yes I'm aware of Topaz AI, interesting technique!
    What you have used it on? Have you noticed any artifacts?
    Will, I'm still working on the program but would of course be happy to share my findings so far. My algoritm is also pretty slow, so you would not want to use it on everything. Takes maybe 10 seconds per frame currently.

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    Hi Andreas,

    We used it on several of our old, (for us) important news items, dating back all the way to the early days of broadcast TV.
    Yes it can produce some non disturbing artifects (it's AI, filling the gaps with new information).
    The good thing about the program is that it's GPU accelerated, so with 2 VEGA FE's it takes about 0.5 to 1 sec. per frame (haven't really timed it), but it might be faster.
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