Hey Red gurus
Got a fully loaded sprinter ready to work. Its my personal package but I will subrent it. Has everything you need from wall spreaders to any type of rag in 4x4 8x8 and 12x12 increments. I can also add tons of gear as well from sky panels to 6k HMU equivalents (sufa bullet) we also have alexa packages and master primes as well feel free to hit us you wont beat our prices

Sprinter Package

1 - Monster duz alll
1 - Headcart
1 - Mini Sand Bag Cart

10 - C Stands
2 - Hi Rollers (Low)
4- Grip Combos
2 - Low Grip Combos

1 - 12x
1 - 8x
1 - 6x

12x Black (Storage Bag)
1- Solid
1- Full Grid
1- 1/2 Grid
1- 1/4 Grid
1- Bleached Muslin=20
1- Unbleached Muslin
1- Half Soft Frost
1- Ultrabounce
1- Poly

Plus much more

Email jrsaintfilms@gmail.com