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    I have a kessler crane which i used alot before. But I never felt satisfied with red caneras on it. The payload is likely close to the recomended so no shadow on kessler crane.

    I wonder what would be the ”logical” step up, a jib that can take heavier payloads and feel more firm and secure. Im not in any hurry on this, but just starting to look at the options.

    Is there any doorway dollys with a centered pole with a steardy bompole that does not ”cost a your shirt".
    One could wish there was a system that could be built out as a motion control system at later stage... I know kessler worked on a motion controlled crane, but its been quit for years now...And i wish they would beef up the cranes a little.
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    The best little jib I've owned was an Intel-A-Jib,

    It's short like the Kessler, (which I owned previously) but bombproof and very quick setup. It can handle any weight you want. But it's expensive.

    Another good option is Doug Underdahl's Seven Jib: I haven't used that one but it looks great and the price is right. If I ever buy another jib, that might be the one I'd go with.

    First question is, how long of a reach are you wanting? That tends to separate the various options and suppliers.
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    Hey Joel

    Just watch this:

    I have a demo 7 jib for sale at a nice discount.
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