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    Quote Originally Posted by David Newman View Post
    The CineForm R3D conversion uses the R3D SDK for all the color/saturation development
    Thanks for the clarification David. My initial hunch was indeed wrong, but that wouldn't be the first time. The color science does get confusing for us laymen, so I tend to go by the image I see in my program monitor and what spits out on the Blu-ray disc and leave the 'science' to the codec and debayering experts like yourselves and Mr Nattress.

    Good to know all the recent improvements in 'Red Color Science' will find their way into Cineform products. Must be a nightmare for you guys trying to cater to all the cameras, codecs and colorspaces out there (RED, SI cams, Rec 709, SI Log, Linear, RedSpace etc. etc.). And just when you think you've got it nailed down, out comes another codec/format/standard/colorspace/NLE version etc. If one thing is certain, it is change.
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    Sorry if I missed it, david or anyone in the know, is cineform realtime engine working with cs4 yet?

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    So David(s), I'm glad Cineform got together with Matrox to support Neo Scene/MXO2 mini. The Max technology is fabulous to provide quick rushes with H.264 format, so hope NEO4K works with MXO and MXO2 in the near future.
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    The latest build of CineForm has fixed a number of issues. Working with AJA Xena 2KE audio now remains in perfect sync. Audio out through AES is clean. FirstLight is stable and is real time through the AJA Zena 2KE. Thanks to all the dedicated people at CineForm for making this workflow rock.
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    Will cineform support the new r3d files created by the new sensor?
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