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    The advice from the rental company is just weird. According to Wikipedia the the weather on Réunion Island is cool and dry from May to November as it is winter in the Southern hemisphere so heat and moisture is just not an issue. I own a Monstro camera and it has not missed a beat but considering the isolation of Réunion for a sixty day shoot I would take a complete spare camera not matter what system you choose. If the budget is super tight the backup camera could be an older Dragon sensor body? Anecdotal evidence points to the Mini being an extremely reliable camera but to match the Monstro you would have to consider a Mini LF and unsure if you could even source one?
    Agree, I try bring an extra body when traveling far. So far I has never came to critical use. But also way nice to have a B cam to work with to cover more angels etc. One on tripod one handheld, or one on gimbal /drone what ever. an extra body today does not cost much more to rent than an extra lens.
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    It's like saying you can't use a Samsung in hot weather you need an Iphone...
    Shooting in humidity, your lens will fog before your camera freezes. I've been shooting in Amazon with Epic and Weapon without problem. Just handle it as an electronic device.

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    I shot a four part doc series last summer for 3 months with my Gemini for Curiosity Stream where we seemed to follow Heatwaves around the world.
    Some of the hottest and most humid conditions I have ever worked in and the Camera never missed a beat!
    Your hire company is telling you 'porky pies'.
    Trailer for the series
    Proof of the pudding as they say...
    Kind regards,
    Phil Barthropp DoP
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