$48,000 - This is nearly 1/2 off new pricing, really motiviated to sell.

https://tiny.cc/g1sale <---- Full Inventory List
http://tiny.cc/g1photos . <--- Detailed Photos

Shotover G1 Stabilized Gimbal with SDI slip ring, & 900mhz radios

Complete system with gimbal, free runner, ground station, controller, power supplies (main and head only). FIZ motors w/ Preston MDR interface cable, Multiple Anderson Power Options, G1 Battery Bank bag, Most camera power & interface cables. Shotover isolator and 900mhz wireless transceivers. Check out the link for a detailed list, (isolator and 900mhz included but not on the list)


If you haven't used a Shotover system, it's a really well thought out system, everything you need in intergrated, plus the long range radios make it rock solid compared to any other system. The team over at Shotover in NZ and LA are really great people, excellent support and service. My life is just pointing another direction and I need to sell some of the toys.

Los Angeles based, Willing to ship internationally, or maybe even hand deliver. If you have questions, feel free to message me here, or email: ma.conrad <at> gmail . com

Please no tire kicking or low balling, this is truly a great deal.