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    Hello all, hope every one is well.

    I have been shooting 8K with the RED for a year now, but now I need to uplod the files to dropbox so i can show the rest of the team the stuff that I shoot becuase im shooting in a war zone area so i can't send the drives now. so they need to see what i have shhot from the project and im searching for a way that i can convert the r3d files to full hd files just to show my team what i have shoot, so does anyone know a program for windows or mac can do the job.

    thanks to all your help.
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    Red Cine X Pro... it’s Red’s free software for both Mac and Windows (windows version is faster, but prores might be iffy), that can batch export and if you set the Debayer quality to “1/2 good” it can rip through the transcoding surprisingly quickly.
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    I would use the free copy of Black magic Davinchi resolve then you got good editing capabilities and can trim down your material into a sellects reel, grade reframe etc. and export as any wanted format.

    RCXP is as I see it possibly slightly more easy to learn but also way more limited and less "agile" when it comes to editing.

    if you sort all your clips in DVR you also got a good base to start from when you go into edit.
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