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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Sherrick View Post
    Perhaps the Rosco is SAG approved?
    I can't find the newletter on his site anywhere, so the info is only in the email sent out (I can forward it if you want)... This is what it says:

    "One tool. My go to smoke/diffusion is the DF-50 by Reel EFX. This is a fairly inexpensive machine and can smoke a very large area. It looks small, but it packs a wallop. This hangs for hours and gives you that consistent level. This is mineral oil, and SAG contracts do not permit this smoke.

    The Rosco 1500 has been approved by SAG to use. The problem with this smoke is that it doesn’t hang, which requires you to use 10 times the quantity. Go figure. But it has been deemed safe."

    Hope that helps.
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    Double check with your network/studio as well. I was on a show earlier this year and they attached a list of network approved approved fog/haze fluids to literally every email.

    Steve, check out the Ultratec Radiance. It uses a slightly different formulation of fluid that I find hangs around longer. Most water based hazers just use a lower refractive index version of fog fluid, with the idea that you'll be running the machine continuously to maintain the level.
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    So SAG in the past few years has joined with some lawyers to require testing of smoke levels in each set prior to filming. The studio hires an outside testing company who comes to the particular location/set and you add smoke while they take readings with a device. When the DP says this is the level I will never exceed they note the reading. It costs production some more money but it is the new rule. I have never exceeded 2% of the allowable amount.

    Basically if you do not do this and don't post the results any SAG actor does not have to be on set legally. Also this applies to children and animals. You CANNOT ever use smoke with birds but I just did a lot of smoke work on a Paramount film in NYC with a child star and animals and with the testing all was accepted.

    Kinda a pain from a schedule and money standpoint but the major studios are accepting this additional cost.
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