Thread: What is the best lease rate you have gotten on a Red Camera?

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  1. #1 What is the best lease rate you have gotten on a Red Camera? 
    I am looking at leasing (with 1$ buyout) another Red camera. What is the best rate you have ever gotten leasing a Red Camera?
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    This is a very stupid question to ask on a forum. Rates that you get depends on YOUR credit score!
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    Leases are not the best financial instrument to use for purchasing cinema equipment yet they are the most prevalent. A lease is usually for a set term and must be completed even if paid off early. I have used leases and more traditional loans in the past. My recommended equipment broker is Western Equipment Finance. I have gotten the best terms from them including a lower APR and no pre-payment penalties. As in all things it's best to shop around.
    Adrian Jebef
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    Lease will be more expensive than a loan if u can swing it
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    Adrian and Jake are absolutely correct.

    Here is a better way. If you happen to have some savings, go open up a "Share Builder Savings Account" at your local Credit Union. Let's say you want to invest $10,000.00 on your next bunch of purchases. In order to give you a secured $10K loan, the Credit Union requires you to deposit 110% to give you that loan. That is $11,000.00 of a deposit. You can have shitty credit and they don't care. The Credit Union is giving a secured loan on against your own money. They don't even do a credit check on you. You get your money and make payments every month. At the end of your pre-deterrmind term, you already have paid for your purchase, written off 100% of that on taxes and still have 110% of your investment available to you.

    Again, this is for those who do not have stellar credit ratings.
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