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    Quote Originally Posted by Jens Jakob Thorsen View Post
    There is a way. I am currently getting a custom mount made for my Monstro at C7 adapters. It will be a 55mm thread, I think and then I will have various step-up rings for L39, M42 and my Canon 50mm 0.95 (its 50mm)
    Woah that's super cool. So you guys must be figuring out how to fix the flange problem and you'll also work through the 16mm coverage problem as well I'm assuming

    Would love to see what you come up with!
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    No they are FF lenses, and that one of the reasons I want them :-) I have one of their FD mounts that I disassemblet to see if I could get the lens close enough to reach infinity, and I could. Then its just a matter of making threads and then shim it to each lens. It wont be super quick to change lenses, but I dont mind that.
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