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    I just saw the news about the Red Magic 3 Phone with a 48mp rear camera, 16mp front camera, and the ability to record 8K video which is just about the perfect camera phone by the sounds of things. Albeit, the one thing that worries me is the internal fan which I would have no idea how to go about repairing or who to send it to but, still, itís nice to see a phone like this being out there. Iíve always appreciated my Nokia 808 and 1020 for their 48mp cameras so this should be pretty next-gen by comparison but with the much bigger feature of 8K video! Iím interested to see footage when it comes out and we all know how 4K was, if phones start having 8K video as a feature then everything else is going to start to snowball from here which will lead towards making some very interesting products!

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    We are in this very interesting space right now when it comes to professional and consumer grade camera technology. Much like the 4K you get from a phone versus a larger professional sensor, there are discernible differences in quality. But the phone solution is empowering and impressive. As are modern digital sensors for how we use them.

    As what's going on in this space. Advancements in mobile processors have really stepped up in the last few years and these little devices will do a heck of a lot more shortly. The most recently announced, erm.... sort of announced proc can handle image processing of up to nearly 200 megapixels.

    This is the tale of technology advancing. Much with televisions, display tech, and eventually sensor tech; certain things have become easier to develop as much of the underlying structural foundation was done during the wild west days of HD. The distance between HD and 4K was notable, the distance between 4K and 8K was much, much smaller.

    On the mobile side it's a bit interesting as the general product cycles and road maps are now getting effected by technology advancing "nearly too fast". Meaning there's new processors and hardware happening within product cycles, which will shake up the consumer market a bunch.

    Advancements in these ways will effect the big brother devices a lot too as we step into more powerful digital cinema options, not to mention every other camera tier in there too.

    This I believe supports 8K 30fps, but there has also been a jump after the 855 in a couple directions. I don't know if they are doing 8K HDR (or can), but if I recall correctly this should do 4K 10-bit HDR via HEVC.

    Interesting times. Stuff is moving fast.
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    My gut says 8K on a sensor that small with restricted bitrates in a highly compressed codec...I'm not so sure it would be more detailed than if you shot at a lower resolution with less compression and more data. It's also not stabilized at 8K, which adds even more bottlenecks for the compression when there is motion everywhere in the frame.

    With devices this light and small stabilization is critical. Sensor shift or ois is even better.

    They probably know it's not going to be a great performer...but the sensor can do it so might as well enable the option and market the buzzword.
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    I wouldn't rule out a system that uses the haptics/motion data already being calculated by the handset for other purposes - like, perhaps, a metadata spatial axis file added to the metadata header of every frame. I've been waiting for more sophisticated stabilization on REDs ever since the capacity to track motion came to cell phones, game remotes, etc.

    DSMC3 perhaps? Include a way to dial in the amount of stabilization applied in each axis and dampen response speed. Assuming RED stays with a compact brain design, I can envision a strip it and grip operating mode that would enable some pretty sweet moves even when jibs, dollies, sliders, etc are not at hand.

    As Phil alludes to, the huge revenues coming from cell phones and other mobile devices has spurred rapid development of sophisticated microprocessors with use cases in modern cameras - from the one inside your smartphone all the way up to pro rigs.

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    Mixes both the black magic and red name together? Kind of confusing, I had to go to the link in order to know if it was a new red or black magic phone, then realized neither. I am hoping for cell phone displays to go 8k, so the cost of stereo 4K VR drops. Gaming cell phones need to be 8k for decent vr gaming. Gaming VR/XR also gets real hot on the cell phone now, I have had a lot of problems in the heat area, interesting to see this fan technology progress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickFaith View Post
    Mixes both the black magic and red name together?
    It says "Red Magic" for the pocket snitch.
    As in - something of red colour - which is magical.
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