Thread: DSMC1 no longer being serviced by RED?

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    Stephen, this was part of why I sold my Epic a couple years ago and have been renting since. Wasn't in a place to be able to make the upgrade jump. "Obsolescence obsolete" was a good marketing slogan, but reality makes that tough to last forever. Time was, cameras didn't change as quickly as they do now. Now they're computers and we all go kicking and screaming into the future when it comes time to upgrade.

    Thanks, Phil. Wasn't aware of the DSMC2 timeline, official or otherwise. The current lineup is outstanding and perhaps someday soon I'll jump back on board with a purchase. Until then, we rent.
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    In regard to Phil's comment, Jarred said:

    "You won't be seeing DSMC3 until at least the END of next year... so you will be waiting for a while if you want to wait it out."

    ... 'next year' being 2020.
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    When one of our DSMC1 Dragons went down, we sent it for repair...
    The cost of repair with a 'Battle Tested' board (read battle tested as used and canbalised parts from returned cameras) was within whispering distance of buying a new DSMC2 brain with better specs and a warranty.

    So in my mind DSMC1 cameras are pretty much at this point disposable and not worth any repairs.
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    RED has offered so many upgrade paths over the years that it's hard to bang on them for ending support/repair for older models. They sort of "paid the price" up front with significant discounts on the newer models.

    Cheers - #19
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