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  1. #1 RED + Wooden Camera accessories = critical failure?! 
    Long time reader, first time posting....

    Ive been having some issues with our RED weapon Helium the last couple days so I contacted RED. I've been using the Wooden Camera top plate as well as the V-lock battery adapter since we bought the camera a couple years ago. When trying to diagnose the issue, the RED Tech told me that:

    "Unfortunately these two products are capable of causing gradual degradation of internal components which can manifest as intermittent issues until an eventual critical failure. I wouldn't suggest using either going forward out of fear that this issue reoccur down the line."

    What?! Has anyone else heard of this or had experience with this? It never even crossed my mind that Wooden Camera stuff could be damaging the camera internals. Seems like Wooden Camera should somehow be responsible for damages. Or is it just "user beware"?

    The particular issue I had was that when I turned on the camera, I was prompted to do a firmware update for the 7" LCD screen. I started the update. The progress bar was moving VERY slowly so I went and had lunch. When I came back, the screen was black. I put the EVF on the side and I could see the camera was still on, the menus were up, but there was not progress bar for the update. I let it sit for a while longer before I eventually restarted the camera. Well, the screen never came back. You can tell it lights up a little bit (meaning its a slightly lighter shade of black than when its just off) and when I look through the EVF and push the user keys on the side of the LCD, those work. I don't know if I interrupted the update process or the process just failed regardless or what. Whatever happened, it looks like she'll be going back to RED.

    Super frustrating. The RED Tech suggested that I take off all 3rd party accessories and just let the camera run for 30 min saying that it "should complete the update process"... nope. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

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    Is your top plate V1 (battery inside), or V2 (no battery)? That is a big difference. V1 has been known to cause issues, WC offered a free upgrade to V2.

    To be current with the WC V-Mount or Gold plates, after you update to Firmware 7.0 or newer you need to upgrade the board in your plate. This can be found at this link.

    WC is offering both of these for free, but I do agree it's a huge bummer. Hopefully these things might help a bit and get you off and running. Are you able to force a firmware update by any of the methods in the Ops guide?
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    Yeah, I've made it a policy to never purchase any WC products that involve electronics...
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