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  1. #1 iMac Pro + Premiere pro = laggy playback 
    My Premiere pro on iMac pro doesn't want to play smoothly RED footage anymore, even if I put files on desktop SSD.
    Even if I choose 1/8 of the quality it doesn't play any more.
    It is mega choppy playback.

    I don't know what happened, before it was playing smooth 5K on full resolution in Premiere.
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    Solved. If Video rendering is set to OpenCL it works smooth
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    What was it set to before?

    Metal(2) = Apple

    OpenCL = AMD

    OpenGL = nVidia

    CUDA = nVidia driver for MAC

    Software = CPU rendering

    That's the general rule of thumb.
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    I think it was OpenCL before. I noticed that all premiere settings had a reset.
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