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    Senior Member Mikael Lubtchansky's Avatar
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    new free little tool for macOS

    This applescript will scan thru a folder full of R3Ds and extract CDL files based on each clip's metadata settings.

    Just wrote this for someone who is grading in camera using IPP2 and CDL values ...

    As most post-production apps won't read those metadata ... you can now easily extract CDLs in batch to re-apply / modify...

    hopefully useful to more people.
    FWIW inside foolcontrol iOS you can do some LGG grading and it is automatically converted to CDLs values if you're shooting with IPP2 (instead of using the native but harder to master power/offset/slope CDL values) ;-)

    requires REDINE-X installed

    foolcat : HTML / PDF visual reports for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for iOS
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for Android staying hungry, staying foolish facebook instagram
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    Thanks Mikael, brilliant!
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