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  1. #1 Shooting slow motion. 60fps vs 59.94 on a 29.97 timeline 

    I have never shot slow-motion and I 'm doing a stock footage test shoot this Saturday.
    I'm shooting some fitness videos; the model will be running in the forest.

    This is a test shoot, but I would like to keep most of the footage!

    The idea is to shoot the project in 60 or 59.97 fps, convert some of the footage to slow motion on a 29.97fps timeline and keep some of the footage at 60/59.97 fps.

    Please note, I'm not going for the film look!

    Should I shoot the project in 60fps or 59.97fps? The slow-motion clips will be edited on a 29.97 timeline.

    What shutter speed should I use when shooting at 60fps or 59.97fps? 180, 1/120?

    Thank you for your help!
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    It doesn't matter which of those framerates you use & I would use the fastest shutter speed possible.
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