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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Lubensky View Post
    Those were Sony Cinealta Primes, the metal ones wich come in 6 focal lengths - 20, 25, 35, 50, 85, 135. I've only used two lenses for this project, as far as I remember - it was 35mm(25 maybe) and 50 or 85mm.
    Awesome work Alex!

    Most of my shots were done with the first gen Rokinon Cine (own).
    I had a few projects where they used Rokinon Xeens, CP2s, Canon Photo, and RED.
    I had a chance to use the Sony Altas but that project fell through.

    Are folks still leaning towards Cine pro glass as opposed to the lower end Rokinos/Sigmas?
    I'm considering upgrading lenses and would like to hear others take on this.
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