Hey everyone,

I'm a DP and aspiring director out in LA. Recently, bored from a lull in work, I decided to shoot some test footage. On a whim, I shot vertically and I have to say, I LOVED IT! Especially now with IGTV, I really feel like this could be a cool avenue for some artistic exploration. That being said, I caught some guff over vertical. So, what do you guys think?


Shot on Epic-W, 6K.
Sigmar Art 18-35mm

I'm not suggesting it'll be the future but an audio guy I work with (who is quite a bit younger than me) has his phone locked for vertical and he's not alone.

I figure I'll have fun with it for now but I think it could lead to some really cool work and help people like us think outside the box. I'm planning on trying to do short form, 10 min vertical films just to see what it's like.