Hey all...

New Dragon X user here... I'm coming from a Raven, so in camera IPP2 and 3D LUT monitoring are new to me with the Dragon X. I have always had to do it (IPP2) in post and monitored thru our SmallHD w LUT support. After several tries, I finally got a few LUTS to import into the camera. For some reason none of my Philmcolor LUTS will import, but that's a different issue I think.

My main question is, for some reason I can only monitor thru the Top LCD with the 3D LUTs if I choose Rec709 output for the LCD Top monitor settings. When I change the output for LCD Top to be RWG/Log3G10 it only displays the Log View and not with the LUT that was intended to work with RWG/Log3G10. The LUTS do display when I choose Rec709 but it looks way off since they weren't designed for Rec709. All of the LUTs we use are designed to be used IPP2 RWG/Log3G10

My SDI output is set to display RWG/Log3G10 and the LUTS work properly thru my SmallHD monitor. What step am I missing here?

Lastly, do I also have the ability to record the LUTS "baked in" if we need?

Thanks for your help!