Thread: Sigma 50-100 and 85mm not working again on build 7.2

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    it definitly firmware related, as I have a complete set of sigma prime, that goes silent during shot.
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    The quick fix is to do the following: mount the lens. Wait 3 seconds. Unlock the lens, push the eject button, rotate the lens about 10 degrees. Wait 3 seconds. return the lens back to its locked position with a little speed. You want to slightly jolt it into place but not slam it. Just slightly harder than normal. Your lens will come back to life, every single time. I have become so used to it I just do it second nature with the 50-100. But it works, every single time. Don't waste time cleaning contacts or anything. It isn't the issue. It is is some kind of "wakeup" that isn't happening.
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    Anyone have any updates on this? or do we know of a way to roll back the firmware in the lens itself to v 1.x?
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    Hey Eric,

    It depends on which lens you mean. The 85mm ( FW1.02 ) and 50-100 (FW 2.02) kind of work again sinds sigmas last update on these two lenses.
    Sometimes you have to disconnect and connect again from the mount but that sort of solves the problem.

    However, here is a way to roll back, but that involves shipping it back.
    I contacted Sigma and they told me I could send the lens in and they will roll back to the FW I tell them.
    It was arround 70euro with shipping.

    Since I use the 100mm very rarely and have the 85mm aswell I think I swap out my 50-100 for the 50 1.4.
    That lens seems to work like the 24-35 without issuses and has not that much breathing.
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    I've had other operators using my Helium mention problems with the brain recognizing EF mount lenses. Anyone know if this issue has been addressed with the latest firmware update?
    Trenton Massey
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Rodriguez View Post

    I am not sure if this will be a solution to everyone, but this seemed to work for my Sigma Art 50-100mm EF lens on my RED Epic-W Helium:

    When I mount the Sigma lens onto my camera, I would get no communication between the lens and camera. I then would twist on and twist back the lens onto the mount, but to no avail.

    So I decided to HOLD DOWN the RELEASE BUTTON on the lens mount while I twisted the lens into the mount. Once the lens was fully twisted in, I released the RELEASE BUTTON on the lens mount, and slightly twisted the lens counter-clockwise (like as if you were removing the lens from the mount), and the lens would "click" into the mount. All of a sudden, the lens made internal noises and was connected to the camera. I had control of the aperture and everything. This has been working for me so far. I'm not sure if this is the be all end all answer to everyones problem, but I hope it might work for everyone! :)
    This legit worked for me, stupid workaround but I'm glad I can actually use my Sigmas now.
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