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    I'm still pretty happy with my Raven. I just recently compiled my new reel, and I was reminded how lovely the image is from this camera. I've put on more than 400 hours on it, shot in literally every state with it now, and it's been through all kinds of terrain from air, land and sea. The day I end up upgrading I'll be a bit sad as it's been through so many adventures with me. With that said, I would love to step up to a Helium or Gemini, but in the meantime, she's no slouch. The Raven has been an incredible investment for the steal of a price it sold for.
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    I still use my Raven, Just shoot an ESPN TVC in Singapore with it, and planning to shoot my 1st feature with it in the coming weeks, LOVE IT :)
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    Hi I am guilty of not being on the forum.
    I still love and use my Raven.
    I find it an easy camera to use so I suppose I don't look on Reduser so much lately as I am getting good results. That doesn't mean that I can't keep learning and improving.
    I find it a reliable camera that gives consistent results.
    I use it for TVC's, corporate, and short films.
    cheers Richard
    Raven, 6x Zeiss CP.2, 2x Zeiss zooms, 3x Nikon zooms, Sachtler tripod, Dana Slider, Ezyrig, SD Mix Pre 3, Sprinter Van with lighting kit for hire.
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