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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy_Sawatzky View Post
    Seems like a few redusers are throwing jabs at Linus and his company for using a high end camera for youtube work. Maybe you think that Red cameras should only be mounted to helicopters and breathed on by the likes of Peter Jackson. Get over yourself, he is running a massively successful production company and has every right to use the best tools available. Who cares if the camera never leaves the set, or if he even only has his content watched on smartphones. The fact is, you are all here talking about his video and why? Because he took apart a red camera. Kind of ironic, seems like he knew the kind of response that video would get.
    they refer to these people as LOL-Cows

    Pretty much reality TV.

    Back before Anna Nicole Smith died, and even before her son Daniel died, Anna had a reality show

    so the writers of her show would create scenarios for Anna to do(similar to the Kardashians) where she would show up an act really dumb. One of the episodes(i've never seen the show, but discussed with with the producers) is where Anna had to go and take a drivers test and get her driver's license. She basically acted like she didn't know where the anything was and stuff that would normally fail a person automatically, but because it was a 'reality show' and she just barely passed.

    16 years later you have YouTube personalities, which are the new reality TV stars

    what makes Linus different from a tech show and what made Anna Nicole Smith's show different from a documentary, is that producers are not telling a real story, they are creating artificial drama

    Linus isn't solving problems or hacking a camera's firmware to get more out of it, Linus is just creating fake drama. And people are stupider for watching it

    eventually someone will make a mirroring account of these guys and add commentary over there video and people will laugh at them, if it hasn't already happened. (e.g. Logan Paul, MEMEs... etc)
    I have to try and change the landscape, whatever it is.
    -Robert Plant
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    Jeffrey Anderson I am going to have to disagree with you here - what Linus is doing in this video is actually a service to people - and here's why.

    He's in a position to not just take it on trust that a RED camera is WAY too complicated for the average person to figure out, service and repair - he can afford to nuke the thing for some dumb idea about making it water cooled.

    The spirit of tearing things down just to experiment or learn about them - to not be afraid of destroying things to LEARN about them is an important part of engineering - but most people can't afford to take those sorts of risks. At the same time people often don't respect why thing X costs 10 times more than thing Y despite them doing the same basic things - but thing Y doing it somewhat better.

    In this case - Linus has demonstrated EXACTLY how much more complicated, high end and insanely technical the RED DSMC brain is - and likely demonstrated to a lot of people who would be skeptically dismissive 'You know what, there IS a reason why these cameras are so much more expensive than a A7S2' or whatever.

    Sure it's done in an entertaining way - but it's much more informative and interesting than purely playing of cult of celebrity reality television - because at least the curiosity teaches you something you didn't know before and adds to the collective pool of knowledge (compared to most reality type content you were describing)

    Afterall as he said at the beginning - there isn't a single other tear down of one of those cameras on the internet - for someone who is interested in one day being an engineer it's GOOD that they can now see this tear down and learn both that this shit is really complicated and expensive and that there is a suite of skills and knowledges ABOVE what the guys who produce something like Linus tech tips is required to do that - but that those skills and knowledges AREN'T completely out of reach witchcraft - that they are extensions to the sort of skills and knowledge that they may already have.

    No one is stupider for having watched this video - literally everyone who watched it outside of RED engineers and people who work in their production facility knows something more about the insides of a RED camera than they did before.

    You may not think that knowledge is WORTH the time or cost spent in producing the video, but I think you are misreading both what the audience for this stuff finds entertaining AND the value of someone going through with making entertainment out of demystifying compute and engineering hardware a bit for the general population.

    I mean in practical terms this likely cost a heck of a lot less per minute than most big budget movies and has more inherent value in terms of education and spread of information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misha Engel View Post
    Not a reason to buy a high end cinema camera.

    You shoot for your audience, 90%+ is watching his video's on smartphones.

    Most watch it on a smartphone.

    Don't know about others using 8k camera's for youtube, but the focus pullers at Linus should go back to Filmschool or use something with a good autofocus.

    Still no reason to use a camera you can't handle.

    Nothing wrong in investing in nice gear, lost of the youtubers should also invest in how to use their nice gear(Linus in this case).

    It's good that tech heads like Linus use top quality camera's it's just a pitty that they don't know how to use them.
    If you saw film as a creative medium enhanced by technology rather than a technical skillset requiring parameters in which to operate, you might get a head start - or at least keep up - with an industry that is rapidly changing by the second, an industry you'll otherwise soon see fly past you with your blinkers on.

    History is full of gatekeepers, guardians of innovation, who one day found the gate they were guarding no longer has a queue.

    That being said, logical technical judgement would understand platform compression and resolution are not arguments against spending money on source compression rate / bit depth / color science and resolution, to name a few. It wasn't even a valid argument before YouTube. There were (and still are) many hollywood studios creating in-flight only adverts shot to feature film technical specification, on some of the technically worst specification screens known to man, using shared throttled bitrates hosted on aircraft media servers, often in the wrong aspect ratio, with antiquated and physically visible touchscreen technology covering the screen.
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    And another Linus video

    With a lot of nice footage in focus.
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    The world has moved on and the argument that quality doesn't matter as much for online distribution is no longer true. Granted its patchy but on average world wide bandwidth is increasing and 2019 will see another leap with the release of 5G for mobile devices. Data itself is also getting cheaper. The days of blocky low resolution video is receding into the past. Coupled with this is the ever increasing performance and size of computer and mobile screens. HD and 4k online video on my iMac and iPhone can look gorgeous and this is also true on most android phones and decent third party monitors. Somebody quoted 90% of online video consumed on mobile devices although a quick google search puts this figure more like 50 to 60% but regardless the high quality, high resolution of modern mobile devices held reasonably close to your face is no longer such a degraded viewing experience. While not every youtube video of a cat requires High quality acquisition and production values these values are not wasted on appropriate online production. Today when I hear the statement that high production values are not required for online it is usually an argument or rationalisation from clients/producers not wishing to spend the money even when they are reaching out to a vast online audience.
    Tom Gleeson
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    Who cares if he can or can't use the camera. He pulled it apart and it was interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffery Anderson View Post
    I'm guessing that the guy is pretty autistic and thought he could reinvent the wheel. In turn, show Jarred and Red Company he can do it better than them and failed
    Possibly he thought he could watercool it at first. Thinking the sensor would have one big flat surface that needed cooling. That he saw quite early on was not the case. So he could have stopped but did not.

    I seen a lot of Linus videos and most of them are just that, a failure bound to happen. Him trying something that seams impossible and after a long struggle, yes he fails. So the key of these films are more about testing and trying than actuall success. And in the end it's about views and shares and likes the actuall outcome of the film has little or no value in that game. If he acts like a jackass that rips apart a 20k USD camera without knowing if it has WiFi or not is very possibly generating more views than if he would have made a very detailed film how to properly deasemble a red cam watercool it. In that sense I think he and his team really knows what they are doing.

    And right now he probably know he's trending here on reduser and that this thread has 1,300 something views and that he very likely added a few followers from this forum to his youtubefeed. :)
    Björn Benckert
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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    Only about 870k views so far. He usually do better. I think for the average joe, a red camera is probably not the most interesting thing to see in bits. For the same money I think he could find something more desirable and tear apart.
    His ThreadRipper delidding video pulled 1.6 million and it's been out for a year and a half. That's probably more in line with what you're suggesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    Im guessing also he got the camera for free, seams like just too many bloggers bought helium cameras when they just came out and then decided not to use them that much, so possibly it was a freebee for Linus and he saw this as way to make a profit from it.
    He did not. I'm sure you remember the original rant video about how much he originally spent on two Weapon Helium packages: and then the follow up where they justify it all:

    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    But he normally gather more views quicker with his videos. Still I think both for him and RED it was worth it.
    This I agree with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffery Anderson View Post
    I'm guessing that the guy is pretty autistic and thought he could reinvent the wheel.
    Come on, there's really no need for this. If you would go so far as to call someone this, then you should probably stay away from the internet.

    Some of the replies in this thread act like he's performing some unspeakable act which hurts you on a personal level. This is technology - Linus has always been doing things like this to other electronics/hardware. This is just relevant to our community because it happens to be a RED. If it hurts your eyes that much, stop the video. No harm done, no harm meant. Move along...
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    For anyone complaining about how this individual treated a RED camera on YouTube, lest we forget:
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