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    Kino-Flo Parabeam 400, case and tungsten/daylight lamps $400
    Dedolight 400 tungsten frensels, lamps, scrims, barndoors. 650w fixtures. Two of these $300ea
    Dedolight classic 100w fresnels, eight of these in a fitted Lowell case, scrims, 3-projection lenses, patterns, barndoors. $1800 for everything
    Dedolight 400 HMI ( 2 available) includes speed ring and Small Chimera $2400ea
    Kino-Flo Diva 200 (3) (includes daylight and tungsten bulbs) $100 each
    Kino-Flo Diva 400 (3) (includes daylight and tungsten bulbs) $200 each 1-SOLD
    Kino-Flo Barfly 100 (2) (includes daylight and tungsten bulbs)
    $100 each

    TV Logic 071 7" HD monitor SDI inputs $600
    Bon 073SCH 7" HD monitor 1100 nit brightness, has HDMI and SDI inputs, plus cross convert. $800
    Panasonic TC-7WMS1 with Nebtek conversion. A great little 7” SD monitor $115
    Decimator MD-Quad 4-way HD-SDI splitter, 4 inputs to one output $700 SOLD
    HD POV cameras, two of these custom POV cameras based on Sony block camera, zoom lenses, additional Schneider wide angle lenses, wired remote control with all camera functions, output is HD-SDI. If interested, call and I will explain further.
    CD Flash XDR HD recorder, an oldie but still useful, does true time lapse video as opposed to single still frames, Will record up to 8 hours in 1080. $100

    Exhauss exo skeleton, think Easy rig on steroids, great for gimbal use, along with handheld, includes Pelican type case. $900
    ACR "The Beast" gimbal new in the Pelican case, still under warranty, load capacity of 13.5lbs, internal batteries, remote control set. $900

    Scan Do computer to video scan converter works with Mac or PC $125
    Yamaha 01V96v2 digital 32 input mixer $450
    Yamaha mini YGDAI cards, MY8-AT, MY8-DA, MY8-AE $150each
    O'Connor 1030S fluid head with 35L carbon fiber quick set legs. Includes soft carry bag and sand feet. $2600
    Hi-hat 100mm $140
    Magliner Senior gear cart (the big Magliner by Nalpak, extended nose and tripod holder, shelf) $800
    8x8 frame kit $150 (photos at the end of the thread) SOLD
    Rags are $125 each All are 8x8 in good condition, solid, griffolyn, 1/4 silk, 1/2 silk, single net, double net, greenscreen, bleached muslin, gold & silver checkerboard (photos at the end of the thread) ALL SOLD
    9-10'x20' muslin backgrounds, various colors, $60 each or all for $500
    4- C stands with arms, $100each ALL-SOLD
    Time Code Buddy WiFi master does time code and gen lock, creates its own wifi network $200 SOLD
    Time Code Buddy miniTRX+ (Lockit Box) does time code, gen lock and word clock plus cables. (5) $100each ALL SOLD
    2- half apple boxes $15 each ALL SOLD
    1- sets of nested apple boxes $160 SOLD

    Many photos in the thread, shipping on the buyer, PP gift preferred or if in Nashville will meet in person.
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    Interested in the oconnor and some other stuffs. Where are you located?
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    have any photos of the magliner?
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    Some photos were requested on the Diva 200s. I will try to have Magliner photos up later today or tomorrow.
    There are three Diva 200s all the same, Floozier, small and large grids and both tungsten and daylight lamps. What I do not have are the individual Kino-Flo cases for these lights.
    I do currently have them in two Pelican 1650 cases. So buy all three Diva 200s for $700 and I will include the two Pelican cases and lamp cases for the extra bulbs.
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    Where are you located?

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    Sending PM
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    Message sent
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    May be interested in some of these, Where are you located?
    Carlos A. de Varona
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    Here are the requested photos of the Nalpak Magliner Senior cart. Also included is the top shelf, tripod bracket holder, and 2 pairs of C stand holders (they mount on either side of the top shelf and hold two C stands per pair).
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