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  1. #1 Nikon Z-Mount for RED? 
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    Any chance we will see a RED mount for Nikon Z glass?

    I sure would enjoy mounting the 58mm .95 Z Lens someday -
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    Probably not, considering the flange distance is MUCH shorter on the mirrorless bodies compare to something like a PL mount. And I do not see much demand from the film industry for Nikon Z lenses anytime soon :)
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    But as an aside, the new Zmount can use PL lenses with the right adapter.

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    Would this even be physically possible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Sauve View Post
    Would this even be physically possible?
    Short answer.

    Current bodies no. Physical limitation.

    The shortest mount you can use is Leica-M.

    The new Nikon Zed, Canon RF, and Sony E-Mount cannot be used on DSCM1 and DSMC2 bodies.

    Longer thoughts.

    Venice really is the only thing that does any of this when it comes to larger bodies, but that's because Sony "makes all that".

    RED certainly is aware of the desire to use shorter flange distance glass, so who knows, maybe in the future.

    Completely side note. You can mount E-Mount to Z-Mount, but not the other way around. This was "part of the deal".

    L-Mount (coming soon and more often) is the same as RF-Mount, so that's going to be a pain unless lens manufacturers go both ways.

    All of the shorter mounts are pretty damn new still, even with E-Mount being around a while. Curious to see what gains more steam, it's early days for Canon and Nikon in this world.
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    I would love for a Mirrorless option for RED cameras! The Kinefinity cameras can do it and, of course, the high end Sony cameras have been able to do it. With my RED One MX, replacing the mount involves several heavy duty screws to secure the very durable PL mount so, I would think, RED just needs to move the sensor forward and design a body with the mount measured for the right flange distance and then everything can be mounted with similarly heavy duty adapters for everything from PL and beyond. All they would have to do is design a heavy duty PL mount adapter to fit the now mirrorless-like RED sensors and it’ll be like it’s always been with swapping out whatever other mount we could need.
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