Thread: HD SDI Output- no Red menu overlays. What did I turn off?

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  1. #1 HD SDI Output- no Red menu overlays. What did I turn off? 
    I'm not sure what I accidentally must have shut off... I used to be able to just use my SmallHD monitor, instead of my Red 4.7 LCD. I had the Red menus set to Auto-Hide so it was full screen output while monitoring, and then when I would hit the menu button (button mapped to menu) on my Raven Brain, the Red menus would display on the SmallHD. Now, I have to have the Red LCD Monitor installed in order to see menus. I have changed most every setting I can think of in the Overlay section of the menu, but for some reason I can't get it back to the way I was using it before w just my SmallHD. Any help would be appreciated.
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    There's a menu for monitor priority. Try putting the SDI/HDMI at the top of the list. That should give you the Red Menu back.
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    that was it. thank you so much.
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