I upgraded to yesterday, and when i powered on the camera after update, i got a low votage warning and the camera shut down.

I can house power the camera through the base expander, but either battery or house power through RED AB plate is no go on voltage.

I downgraded to 7.0.4, the 2nd to last firmaware, and the plate will supply power, but now i cant see my voltage any longer. Its just blank, where the voltage should be.

See photos:


With 7.0.4 after the update to problem, i lost the ability to see the Voltage in camera. Was working beofre, now its lost the ability to do it. I went back 3 Firmware versions, and the Votage readout is permanently gone. Very annoying. It wont even shot "DC" anymore.... I reseated the AB plate, and the base expander, cleaned the contacts, reflashed, nothing....

Thoughts? Any one else experience this?