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    I just got an UHD monitor and pluged in Redcine X. But it looks a bit strange.
    It feels as if everything is scaled double. How do I change this or verify it. One oddity is that when the video is at 100% it is really 200% so I need to set it to 50% if I want to se the full pixels. Confusing.

    Any ideas?
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    Hi Andreas,

    To get the full resolution of the source material you need to set the combo box above the viewer to "Full". This does a demosaic to full resolution. Then when the combo box to the right of it is set to 100%, you are seeing an unscaled image @ 1:1. If you have to set that combo box to 50%, to see the entire image in the viewer, you are now scaling the image down by 50%.

    Does that make sense?

    Unless your source material is UHD resolution and you are viewing in full screen, you will have to resize the image to see all of it in RCX.

    The SDI output has its own resolution setting as well, located under Preferences -> Video Out. This defaults to 1080p output.
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