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    Is there a way to get a beep or a tone of some sort to let us know that recording has stopped?
    Have you ever hit the start/stop button and didn't quite press it in all the way only to record a bunch of people standing around or the crew adjusting lights?
    And to your horror you ended up not recording what you wanted to record because you didn't know you were already recording and you actually paused the recording?

    Of course not you guys... you're all professionals. I... I mean... me either. Asking for a friend.

    Just curious if that's a possibility?
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    There's a spot inside the menu you can turn audible cues when starting and stopping recording.
    Daniel Stilling, DFF (Danish Society of Cinematographers)
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    Menu > Settings > Recording > Indicator

    I use beep ascending for start and beep descending for stop. And if it's the last shot of the day, I switch it to the cash register for stop. :) Money.
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