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  1. #1 USED O'Connor 10-30B Ultimate (Older Model) and 35L Carbon Fiber Tripod w/Spreader 


    O'Connor 10-30B Ultimate (Older Model) Fluid Head with Pan Handle

    In perfect working order minus the plate and pan speed knob (easily replaceable and workable) Shows some decent cosmetic wear. This model is no longer serviceable, but was looked over and returned from Vitec on 10/25/18

    O'Connor 35L Carbon Fiber Legs w/ Spreader

    Freshly serviced and returned on 10/25/18.

    Shows some wear, but in excellent working condition.

    Asking $2500 for all of the above. You pay shipping costs if necessary.

    Located near Portland, OR
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    Hi, i'm interested but have a few questions.

    What is the difference between the ultimate and the "D" or "B" models?

    Is there currently no plate? Are the plates still available?

    Do you have any pictures?

    Philip Lanyon, Cinematographer
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    Hey Phillip! It looks like my link didn't work on the pictures, so here is a new link. I've updated the original post as well.

    This is the original 10-30 ultimate head. This was before there were any variations. So the difference between this and the "D" and "B" Models are A) It's older, and B) Vitec no longer services them. (I did send the head in with the legs and while they didn't service it, they did clean it up nicely)
    It's an old head, but is still smooth as butter.

    There is currently no plate, but it works with any 10-30 plates. You can find them on on amazon, and other places that sell tripod plates. A basic plate will run you $150-200. A VTC plate will cost upwards of $600.

    Let me know if you have any further questions or if the pictures aren't working.
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