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    Personal opinion:

    Needed today(ish?)

    BlackMagic Pocket 4K and some CFast cards. Native M4/3 lenses

    Maybe in a year ?:

    Hydrogen with cinema module
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    IMHO, the BM Pocket 4K is just a little bit too 'professional' for what you want. It's very much geared towards more serious work, and cannot compete with the Panasonic GH5/s when it comes to photography. The files might very well be richer, as you can shoot RAW, but the camera's design philosophy is suited only to cinematography.

    Buying a BM Pocket 4K for personal projects is like buying a Rolls Royce and sticking a manual gearbox in it.

    FWIW the Fujifilm cameras (X-T3 and X-H1) are a knockout. For photography, I'd choose them over cameras with bigger sensors such as the Sony A7 or Leica SL, nevermind the DSLRs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uday Bhaskar Karra View Post
    XT-3 all the way... in my opinion ( only few sacrifices Are IBIS and a bit of DR). The straight out of the camera image ( Pictures and videos) or with Eterna LUT looks beautiful ( No H265 please. Rather record Prores through HDMI to Ninja V).
    Adding external recording dongle takes you right out of the "personal projects" space.

    I wouldn’t look into GH5/S, I want a good Auto focus when am shooting for family, personal stuff... would like to capture the moment while I live In it than worrying about focusing the subjects.
    I just installed the new (v1.2) firmware and autofocus much improved.

    Sony colors doesn’t look pleasing to me... except that, it’s perfect ( Low light, Battery life, Auto focus, etc).
    Agree...hence Panasonic. And because VLog-L sucks with anything less than 10-bit, that's why GH5 (s or no s) is so important (vs. GH4). Their high speed modes (beyond 60fps) increasingly become a joke. The 240fps of the GH5s is noisy, decimated, and ugly.
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    Panasonic LX100 II . Or the GX9. Pure fun, brings back a smile to photography, and its a great carry anywhere solution. Obviously not the best in video on the price range.

    The Blackmagic kills them all in spec/price. But for me, and for a fun camera that makes me enjoy shooting and carry anywhere, beyond my phone and my pro gear, its definitely these 2 Panasonic models. I Just like Panasonics design philosophy , colours and ergonomics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Tiemann View Post
    Adding external recording dongle takes you right out of the "personal projects" space.
    I feel 4:2:0 8 bit (H264) or 4:2:0 10bit (H265) internal recording to SD Card are still viable options.

    But be aware... Battery life is very bad. In booster mode I get roughly 25-35mins for video recording. The battery grip would allow you two additional batteries though.
    UDay Bhaskar Karra
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    I've been very happy with my gh5 and ronin-s combo for home videos this year. Really fun to shoot with and the ronin controls the record start stop and works with the focus wheel. Killer combo.
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    Others to consider:

    GH5 (perhaps the most well rounded video/stills camera on the market today)

    G85/G80 (just plain dirt dirt cheap, yet still very very good! I'd easily choose it every single time over say the older GH4. And I find also a cheaper camera I'm more likely to bring with me and use than a more expensive one. So this is a good feature in a "personal camera")

    GH5S (see: GH5. But loses IBIS, but gains insane lowlight and TC input)

    Nikon Z6 (the best Vistavision 10bit sub $2K camera on the market! Also the only one)

    Fujifilm X100 (any one from the series) or Sony RX100 (again, any one of from their series, just pick one to match your budget/wants/needs) or Panasonic LX10/LX100, I mention this selection of cameras because they are all extremely compact. And I find the more compact a camera is, the more likely I will bring it with me! Funny that huh? And a camera with you, you will also find yourself using more. No surprises there! Thus of course compactness can be an important feature you desire in a "personal camera". The next best alternative to these would be a MFT camera with a pancake lenses (such as a Panasonic GM5 with a 20mm f1.7 pancake!). (Sound Recordist based in Auckland, NZ. Happy to travel too)
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    GH5 owner here. Do the XT3 if you are looking for a great hybrid camera. The app-c sensor size is the sweet spot for mirrorless camera's IMHO. Great/affordable glass as well. I Love my GH5 but Im dropping at least 1k per lens to get a decent depth of field.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ_Ortiz View Post

    1. Not intended for serious projects. This is a personal camera. My group uses our Monstro for most of our work.
    2. Price difference between the cams isn't a consideration for me.
    3. I already have a license for Resolve.
    4. I'd like to use this for stills.
    5. Intend to adapt vintage glass for use as well as using modern glass.
    6. Maybe. Big maybe. Might try and use this cam for quick cuts between Monstro footage (tight spaces, unpredictable locations, being low-key). Not sure which would be better for that if there was a need.
    Advantages of best options:


    10 bit 4:2:2 video internal
    Best on-board codec in a stills camera, broadcast quality
    Most video centric functions
    Top rolling shutter motion performance


    Highest DR
    Full frame
    E-mount - full frame glass options


    Spectacular colour science
    Spectacular OVF
    10 bit video (needs external recorder for 4:2:2)
    Excellent rolling shutter
    Image and body design philosophy, camera feel
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