Thread: G-technology - Is it really a premium storage product??

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    Of the 7 G-Tech drives I have owned over the years, I had issues with 6 of them. Never again for me.

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    If you want premium storage, use enterprise level components not desktop quality.

    I suggest a with ATTO Raid controller and fill with Enterprise level SSD drives Yes, this is going to be expensive, but there's good reason for my recommendations. First off, ATTO drivers are included in Mac OS, so if you upgrade the OS, you're immediately supported. ATTO has been delivering quality drivers for their products for over 20 years. As for SSD drives, always use Enterprise level SSD's. Yes, they cost a lot more, but they also last much much longer then consumer SSD offerings. You're a professional, you need the best most reliable offering available.

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    I think my next unit will be the 12 bay Areca Thunderbolt 3. Seems like it would make a nice raid6 with hot spare and room to breathe.
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    G-Tech and LaCie are about the same caliber imo, just desktop equipment geared towards MAC users.

    As others have said, get something where you can use your own HDDs, and get enterprise grade drives.
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