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    The messages over on are clear: get an effing Dropbox account or get left behind. And with good reason: if you want to share holographic images that are many MB, you need a storage accessory that's tera-scale, not something that converts jpeg images to 90kb cinders or their original selves.

    It's been a peeve of mine (and many) that people post comments, questions, and complaints about image quality without posting corresponding R3D media. That wastes everybody's time and allows all sorts of wrong ideas and rumors to build. Which sucks for all of us.

    I post images to Dropbox and share links when I do, but the workflow is non-trivial. is taking steps in this direction, especially when it comes to telling users "if you want to play, get online storage". I suggest we raise the bar similarly for, having people put a public dropbox folder into their profile and enhancing the forum software so that uploading images makes it easy to drop R3D media into such folders (or post-related subfolders).

    I don't expect this overnight, but I do think Dropbox and/or Google would work with to make such a feature as seamless as possible.
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    It is quite funny how a site dedicated to the highest resolution cinema cameras available has an image attachment feature which compresses the crap out of the stills. Which is why I moved to flickr. Other users on here use imgur or postimg and those sites still compress the images far too much for me.
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