Thread: KipperTie Revolva EF major image quality issues (softness + chromatic aberration)

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    Hi Elias,

    I had the same issue, but found out you have to remove the black lens flare protector that's located on the OLPF. I'm guessing you took the OLPF out cause it wouldn't fit? It will once you remove the inside edge seal.
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    Yes you have to remove the protector.

    I did tests outside and could not see any degradation at all. The image looked completely identical, colors were perfect. Sounds strange that it would cause chromatic abberation.
    Did you ever figure out what was the problem?
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    I was having some VERY strange/horrible lens flares last week when I used my Revolva PL mount for the first time with angenieux EZ lenses. When pointing towards/at lights ( NBA arena lights in this case) there were red colored ghost flare dots everywhere. not sure the correct term for this, or if this is normal. But when pointing towards other lights as well, there was noticeable bleeding at the top of the frame. Was using 0 ND and .6
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    Important to note that this thread relates to a long-resolved issue from the first couple of months of manufacture. Not something that is a concern right now or for the last couple of years.

    Gate flare from the edge of frame is something we can potentially address for you if you send us an email. We updated some small design elements incrementally through production, and depending on when your mount was bought you may be eligible for a free component to help mitigate gate flare.

    Red dot pattern however sounds like the usual sensor vs f-stop issue, resolved with higher ND value and a larger aperture. Not a a revolva specific issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Marchant View Post
    Red dot pattern however sounds like the usual sensor vs f-stop issue, resolved with higher ND value and a larger aperture. Not a a revolva specific issue.
    Was gunna say same thing - red dots sound like sensor reflection, a common problem on all cameras at certain F stops.
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