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    It appears Jarred is off globe trotting in Italy visiting the set of Michael Bay's newest features Six Underground.

    The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Mélanie Laurent.

    It's being filmed on a whole lotta RED Monstros and RED Bayhems (I believe Helium based).

    Director of Photography . DIT is a long time RED data wrangler, Steve Freebairn.
    Phil Holland - Cinematographer - Los Angeles
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    Might have gotten the MONSTRO bump.
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    Just went down a 15 minute rabbit hole clicking through the Six Underground hashtags. Awesome stuff.
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    Made me yearn for another time... Saw my friend operator Lukasz in that clip. Do we all notice that Jarred is the tallest person by far there in Florence?

    Enjoy the Bayhem J
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Lyons Collister, ASC View Post
    Do we all notice that Jarred is the tallest person by far there in Florence?
    Yep, in Florence they have more or less my hight, in The Netherlands he would just blend in and in many cases can even look a woman straigth in the eyes.
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    Steve the DIT says everyone is just loving the Monstro.....

    I am going to start getting a collection of testimonials together from both Monstro and DXL2 shooters!
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