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    As many of you know we did a completely ground up / rip out of our backend at the beginning of the year, moving to NetSuite internally to replace our aging system that was quite frankly completely rubbish.

    That has been finally working quite well. It was a bit of a shitstorm at first.. as you all saw... but we seem to have tamed the beast and It has helped not only make our inventory and accounting and management systems incredibly more efficent, it has also sped up the upgrade process and gave us the proper horsepower to start taking care of you all much better.

    Today we finally finished integrating that new backend into the frontend of RED.COM and it is now live.

    It will be a but bumpy at first I am sure.. but it should evolve into something incredibly great as we build upon it.

    Just a few of the things you shold notice right off the start:

    Completely re-engineered from the ground up on both front- and back-ends.
    Moblie-friendly across the entire site (finally)
    Enhanced and more relevant filters and search
    Streamlined order process
    More visibility to real-time order status in My Account section

    So check it out!


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