Thread: Whats your method of focusing while gun & run shooting?

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    A Cinesaddle is great for gunner style shooting. I have the Ergo Cine handles with the ball on one side that allows you to pull focus with your left hand in the hand on lens style. The Zacuto Gratical eye piece is great for handheld on shoulder work and I also like their Tornado grip for one man band shooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guillermo Roberto Alarcon View Post
    I find it extremely difficult to focus on my subject while at the same time hold all the weight of the camera in one hand
    Are you talking about operating focus with the camera supported only by your arm and gripping the top-handle? Or are you talking about operating focus with the camera on your shoulder, the right arm helping to support the weight of the camera?
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    Patrick, how's the revolva? I'm eyeing it off but have some other purchases to make first.
    I love the gratical eye and am also using the Zacuto VCT pro baseplate. Really like it.
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